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Website Kit are driven to drive results. We offer solutions to generate qualified leads, and brand awareness. Our qualified business support team provide consultation, diagnosis and best practices in digital marketing techniques. We provide specialist solutions to help increase sales through digital methods.



Over the years of pain-staking research and many wonderful clients later, we have created the ultimate and simple methodology to understand your business needs. All our specialists follow a simple process to ensure everything is correct.


Our specialists conduct an in-depth analysis of your website to collect data and analytics of your business. We continue to monitor your website with regular audits in which we can continuously rate your performance. We ensure you are happy to continue with the data we provide.


Once we have conducted an analysis, we develop a roadmap to list all our challenges and timescales of your business. We would then of course, continue to assess the roadmap to make adjustments to ensure you know the progress of the project.


We would finally assign our specialists to the project and plan future endeavours to ensure you are happy with the progress. Our specialists would work with you and the roadmap to ensure the project is always delivering, so you can maximise your leads.

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*chart illustrates the businesses increased web traffic within the time period of invested SEO. y-axis is represented in %.



We believe SEO should deliver the results and these results should be measured. We ensure that you see a full investment of SEO when you approach us so you are full aware of your investment in us.

Brand awareness

Website Kit is aware that a business needs superior presence online. We ensure your business gets the recognised everywhere. With regular campaigns and shout-outs we create a strong brand awareness for your business.

Driving traffic

Website Kit knows that a website is a starting point and its no good without any visitors. We ensure our clients get the right visitors to their websites through, our planned roadmap, right SEO and link building.

Customer leads

Getting the right traffic is important & we envision that every right customer comes to your website as a lead. We believe this generates great business success. We build relationships with our clients and ensure in getting high quality leads.

Convert visitors into customers

Our understanding to grow successfully online is by diverting the right customers to your business. Our vision is to ensure your business converts interested visitors into customers through SEO which directly improves business sales and brand awareness.

Return of investment (ROI)

ROI is a standard metric to measure the growth of your business. Our specialists are dedicated to gain constant traffic, leads and conversion for your business and help grow into a successful business. All our efforts would help you to achieve a high ROI.

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